There’s something truly calming about the bottom of the sea.

As I descend into its gravitational vortex, my body screams out in surprise and pain… before a sombre, tranquil calmness overcomes it. With every careful metre of my descend, I shed, forever a cataclysmic layer.

Ears pop as heart rates drop. Welcome to the experimental world of diving.

With many different levels, you can choose high or low, dangerous or quaint. We are born to discover uncharted worlds and what better than the vast oceanic landscape, a mystery to all?

It is with this apparent glimpse that we can gain a delusional access to a world that in all our lifetimes, we can never hope to know.

And yet in that ecstatic moment, it’s enough. Barely grazing a slimy fin before it darts away, nothing above the surface matters.

Stonemen inspiration:

Image by Corey Arnold - shop this print here
Image by Corey Arnold

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