We want to go on Safari. The wilderness, the sweat as the rogue intrepid pathfinder winds his way along a road that marries the trodden with the unchartered.

Imagine anticipating danger and adventure in equal dose, marveling at the vastness of the Sahara desert – while at the same time quivering with the slight uneasiness of a ghostly wilderness that seems as if almost from another world.

Ascending into a rugged four wheeled jeep – why do I hope the windows will be open? – while raising dust as the path expands and engulfs us in a world where we may not be entirely welcome. This is the terrain of the mystical and exotic – of coyotes, lions, tigers and elephants. Even typing those words aloud marks them as mythical creatures, unbelonging on this busy, smoggy earth.

And yet they do. So much so that our hearts ache collectively at the demise of great lions, rhinoserouses and the like. We feel we owe these majesties a great and unforgiving debt. Are we there to make peace, gain clarity and pay homage? Or gape upon and haplessly, in wonder? I think a mix of both, to stare in the face of both something foreign and familiar.

Because we know that upon arrival something clandestine will happen. We’ll hopefully come face to face with this reality ourselves. We will look into that beautiful creature’s eyes and awaken to our own nature. Mysterious, wild, noble and largely unexplored…

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