If you’re a stonemen lover, you’ve probably tried meditating.

Intermittently and sporadically, but always with the good intention to claim control over an ever-present to-do list.

Traffic. Phone. Email. Work pressures. Financial concerns. Family commitments. Relationship needs. We have more to do, less time to do it.

Ironically, the antidote to all is slowing down.

When busyness is big business, meditation is the celebrity-endorsed mental technique that promises respite from an overactive mind, paving the way for modern benefits. From increased creativity to enlivened mental potential, elimination of stress and growing health and spirituality, it’s a wonder more creative people aren’t getting on board with a regular practice.

“Meditation enhances your life,” says leading meditation teacher (and ultimate Stoneman) Gary Gorrow. “When we meditate, we’re celebrating silence entering our system.”

There’s no conflict between meditation and your other modalities. You can be a religious person, an atheist, a business person or a school kid.  “It’s a mental technique, not a philosophy – so it’s there to enhance what you’re already doing. Meditation calms the nervous system and brings it into balance. Everyone has a mind and we do little to support it in becoming conscious. ”

Vedic meditation is currently recognised as the leading technique in effortless transcendence. During the process the mind settles down in a very natural and spontaneous way, at the same time the body gains an extraordinarily deep state of rest, several times deeper than sleep. This deep dive within rejuvenates your entire system and causes your brain to function in a completely different way, thus bringing its myriad of benefits.

So if you’re meditating already, how do you enhance your own practice?

“It depends on your goal,” smiles Gorrow. “Do you want to truly awaken in this lifetime? Or simply balance your personal and professional life?”

“If you want to raise your state of consciousness to the highest level possible, then that takes work and a regular practice. But if your goal is to balance, then you can do it periodically and it can still be supportive.”

“If you want to be stress free, you need to practice every day, twice a day. The first round depletes the stresses of the day, but it’s the second sitting that depletes the inventory of stress from your subconscious.

“Success is sometimes seen as a full bank account and financial flexibility – but that’s still just an achievement in the physical space.” Gorrow explains when asked about why one would want to increase their level of spiritual awareness if they’re already successful. “But the core of elevated consciousness can also mean a mind free from fear, a heart that is expanded and radiates love, a body that’s healthy and vital and a community that is strong and supportive. As a Lao Tzu said, true wealth is contentment.”

Gorrow likes to teach meditation in intimate physical settings, avoiding absolution into the virtual world. “The internet is a wonderful way to proliferate new ideas, but I still believe meditation is an experience to be done in the physical realm. It’s about being together and being instructed. Its more in the body and in real time”.

Mindfulness expert Gary Gorrow
Mindfulness expert Gary Gorrow

To gain more of the benefits of Gorrow’s personal instruction, one simply needs visit him at his studios in Avalon and Paddington in Sydney for a 4 day Course – or join one of his replenishing retreats in Byron Bay or Bali. Models Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio, fashion personality Yasmin Sewell and Australian actor Richard Roxborough are just some recognisable names who count him as one of their greatest spiritual influences. However Gorrow has taught thousands of people to meditate from all walks of life, ranging in age from 5 to 85 – his humble profile is no barrier to anyone wanting to learn.  “Anyone can meditate”, he assures. “It’s a tool to enhance your life.”

An upcoming November 7th Byron Bay retreat is a perfect opportunity to give back to yourself and recharge the batteries after a busy and work fuelled year. Gorrow’s retreats have become legendary over the years and this particular retreat is unlike any he has offered before, combining a full range of holistic modalities designed to rejuvenate, heal and awaken.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a hesitant beginner, it sounds like this solution for modern based maladies continues to pay dividends.

*image via http://maduke.tumblr.com


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