She’s a Brisbane gal with Parisian mannerisms.

Only known as Alice X, we can’t get enough of this “gorgeous, classy and sophisticated woman doing stupid things.”


Lythe and feline, Miss X has been modelling for the last 2 years. And like all those possessing that destined-for-fame nonchalance, she fell into it ‘by chance’.

“It was just because I was hanging out with a photographer friend and helping him get some shots that I discovered how much fun it is!”

Mais, oui.

Off duty, her past times are guided by joy above aptitude – or so she has us believe. “I love to draw (although I am terrible at it), sing (I’m at least more talented than the average mewling alley-cat) and anything that involves food.”

We love it.

Sometimes she will get up at 5am and go for a run, but sometimes she will stay in bed until midday eating pizza and pudding. It’s all about the variety, non? “It’s mostly the pizza and pudding one, though” she concedes.

Alice is not shy to crack through the misconceptions of her model life. “Don’t get me wrong, it CAN be amazingly glamorous. But it can be very hard work if you’re doing it right. Most days are completely exhausting.”


We feeling you, Miss X.

Still, a devotion to glamour has its highlights. She’s shot for Photo Vogue, modelled overseas and lent her cat-like beauty to a host of internationally-recognised brands that she’s too modest to disclose.

Alice X (which, by the way, is one of many of her mysterious names) is a Stonemen fan, citing them as her favourite undergarments. “I have worn them every day and every wash they still come out with the elastic looking great, the brilliant, unique prints still pop and they are still as amazingly comfortable as the first time.”

Observant and sassy. She’s our style.

*Alice X is wearing the Hibiscus and LA prints in a brief cut.

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