Dina Broadhurst is the Sydney’s art scene’s hottest find right now.

Sensual, brilliant and just that little bit subversive, we have tracked her seamless weaving of the art, design and interior worlds (with a bit of journalism thrown in for good measure) since she slinked her way onto our radar during a ‘lusting after interiors’ afternoon. 

She is our muse for all things beautiful, our gateway into thought provoking spaces and high fashion. So with sky-rocketing rents and property prices sweeping, well – the world – it is Broadhurst who’s counsel we seek in making sartorial use of our small(ish) rented inner city spaces.

We pose the question to her this month – how the hell do you rock amazing art when you live in the proverbial shoe-box?

Artist Dina Broadhurst
Artist Dina Broadhurst

“Artworks framed in glass for reflection works well in small spaces to add light to the area,” she explains.

“A single large piece with not too much heavy texture will give scale and proportion to a small room but keep in mind if you don’t have the room to step back far and appreciate the piece, that it is a piece that works well when viewed in close proximity.”
“Framing in white or light timbers also helps keep a small space bright and airy, especially when grouping a few smaller pieces together for interest and detail without heaviness.”
“Mixing up your art pieces also works well for filling small spaces or nooks, like using plates or vintage signs and lettering to create interest in walls and double as art.”

dina broadhurst4

Check out Broadhurst’s work on @dinabroadhurst – and look out for a stonemen collaboration in 2016.

*all images courtesy of modafamilia.com
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