Mel's feelin' better these days! #goddess.


She’s a muse who slayed her dark side and got into the groove of creativity and flow.
 Stonemen love spiritual teacher and writer Melissa Ambrosini for her glowing health, light-filled nature and gritty, committed spirit. As well as having a massive Insta-following and global wellness circuit presence, she’s now the author of a new book about reclaiming your powerful side for women, called Mastering Your Mean Girl.

Stonemen chats to this creative light worker about hitting the edge – and ways she keeps her giving spark and integrity alive.

With husband Nick Broadhurst
With husband Nick Broadhurst
 On Hitting Rock Bottom:

It changed my life and those shifts – get sick and end up in hospital – means there was no more candle left to burn. My survival instincts kicked in. Unconsciously I knew that the only way left was up. I was all partied out and left out to dry. Then a care package from a friend arrived – and it was that book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. After that, I started to do things that felt good and stopped what didn’t.

Turning her back on crap
Mel’s turbulent health is behind her

On Success:
How did it all ‘explode’? One foot in front of the other – showing up each day. I’ve been putting in the work for 6 years. Showing up to my meditations because I was fully committed to myself. In the early days I did everything. I’m just going to keep showing up – if you do, you’re always supported. I had to work through a lot of ‘mean thinking’ money beliefs , But, I just kept on showing up. That’s all we can do.

On Courage:
Even when I wasn’t ready, I’ve learned to speak on big stages. The desire to serve outweighed what people thought of me. Nerves – I still get them. That’s how you know something is important.

On Entertaining:
I’m a neat freak and I love putting pretty things together to create a warm and welcoming space. Then, sharing a beautiful feast with my loved ones. I would have people for dinner every single night if I could!

Delicious treats are Mel's signature
Delicious treats are Mel’s signature

On Writing:
At school I didn’t like being told what to write about. When you find what you’ve passionate about – you become the most beautiful vessel and the words just flow.

On Purpose:
There will always be people out there who love the corporate world and accounting. Striving and climbing in a masculine, strong world – and that’s fabulous! It’s whatever floats your boat.

On Focus:
Removing distractions is really powerful – it’s really dang powerful. Alcohol, drugs, Instagram, cigarettes, relationship – it all has it’s hold. Limit yourself. If  you know the iron is hot – why are you still touching it?


Melissa's new book, Mastering Your Mean Girl
Melissa’s new book, Mastering Your Mean Girl


On Routine:
Productivity means meditation and movement. I need to stretch when I wake up! Dry body brush, nourishing my body – I eat at home! Clean food and water, then a gratitude practice. I write down what Im grateful each day. On a nice day it’s always time in nature and lunch in the sun.

On Writing The Book:
I went on a major creative bender for a couple of weeks. I went away to our holiday home and all I did was write. I would get up with the sun – yoga, breakfast, write. 7-12. Lunch. Then back to working on what I’d written that day. Get feedback – then it was dinner and early night. Checking email only once a day. It’s very dilligent. I wasn’t doing any other work or seeing anyone. I was completely isolated. I need total silence, immersion and no distractions. The majority came out in the first two weeks. 40000 words. Then I left it for a while and immersed myself more at my parents house. Then the editing process began – that was the long bit…

Stonemen friend and author Melissa Ambrosini
Stonemen friend and author Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa’s book, Mastering Your Mean Girl is the ideal gift for the stone-girls in your life. In stores from December 14th or pre-order to receive 10 game changing free meditations.


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